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We at Classic Cars of SC Inc, offer a portal for famous and forgotten automobiles, sports and racing cars attached to them. Bringing together the classified, the auction, dealer, restorer, car club, enthusiast, gallery, rare pictures, event, motor show and rally is our mission.

Founded in 1967 in SC, Classic Cars of SC Inc is SC is largest and most preferred marketplace to buy and sell antique autos at unbeatable rates. Classic Cars of SC Inc has taken a completely innovative and disruptive approach to build trust and pricing advantages for buyers of American and Japanese antique auto. The current experience of buying and selling an automobile is completely broken, antiquated and full of pitfalls. Classic Cars of SC Inc offers a truly 21st-century experience in buying and selling automobiles. With its technology-driven marketplace approach, Classic Cars of SC Inc enables transactions between buyers and sellers by bringing transparency, building trust, and mitigating information asymmetry.

When it comes to the antique cars, the enigma and the style matters the most. We understand what clients want exactly and offer the best we have! We are one of the largest and most experienced collector auto traders in SC with a proven track record. Our grand collection of antique cars is renowned and offers the best that you can buy for cheaper rates in SC.